Distributed Work Playbook by Google

Google just released their distributed work playbook. The key challenges that their research team gathered are: Getting connected: reliable logisticsBeing connected: clarity on workFeeling connected: building trust Their playbook appears to be individual pages that are slightly related. Perhaps because it's meant to be used in that Google thing where they put useful "readme" items … Continue reading Distributed Work Playbook by Google

Revealing The Four Planets

"Working at a fully distributed company where everyone at the company is working remotely from each other means you’re simultaneously everywhere and nowhere."Ian Stewart's story of the story of the Four Planets of Design Concept by Adam Becker and Brie Anne DemkiwImages by Marly GallardoText by Ian Stewart We call our design process “deep design” … Continue reading Revealing The Four Planets

Remote Work is like being in a Wes Anderson submarine

How is remote work like being in a Wes Anderson submarine? It’s similar in that you feel like you’re in some form of alien world, with lots of weird colors and strange emojis 😎🦎🌋, and it can be so quiet all the time. It’s also isolating in many ways because you lack constant face-to-face contact with co-workers. That said, it’s a unique paradigm that has many upsides that far outweigh the downsides

Checking time zone privilege in remote teams and global orgs

One of my favorite things in life is when I realize how stupid I've become by getting smarter. Said differently, it's the moment you realize that your personal inference engine is filled with a bunch of assumptions. And although those assumptions can let you feel smart in front of others who are confronted with exactly similar conditions for the first time, they're kind of useless when you're put into different situations. It's SO easy to forget.