Remote Work is like being in a Wes Anderson submarine

How is remote work like being in a Wes Anderson submarine? It’s similar in that you feel like you’re in some form of alien world, with lots of weird colors and strange emojis 😎🦎🌋, and it can be so quiet all the time. It’s also isolating in many ways because you lack constant face-to-face contact with co-workers. That said, it’s a unique paradigm that has many upsides that far outweigh the downsides

Checking time zone privilege in remote teams and global orgs

One of my favorite things in life is when I realize how stupid I've become by getting smarter. Said differently, it's the moment you realize that your personal inference engine is filled with a bunch of assumptions. And although those assumptions can let you feel smart in front of others who are confronted with exactly similar conditions for the first time, they're kind of useless when you're put into different situations. It's SO easy to forget.

Ideation in remote design teams

I've found the distributed team paradigm to be enormously useful for collaborating in "sticky note" fashion. Why? Because it takes one hundredth of the time needed to get folks setup with virtual sticky pads because you don't have to tear off pages and hand them out to each individual one-by-one. There's no need to hand out pens as well because they just need to type into the keyboards.

Design intuitions benefit from non-Internet hours

The beauty of distributed work is that you can be anywhere in the world and not limited to a headquarters in some-city-out-there. That's a great way to free oneself from the physical environment of some companies that don't have inspiring workplaces. But it also means that you might get stuck working from home and without a lot of new stimulation from the non-remote universe. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Maintaining alignment when all-remote as a leader

When you think about how the online environment has enabled a myriad of decentralized activity to emerge — it makes complete sense when you consider that it's the nature of the digital medium itself. Anyone can get started on their own online, and they can consciously choose to be a nomad or part of a larger tribe. There's no value to being a nomad besides the therapeutic value of talking to yourself (I'm talking from experience here 😉 ), and yet there's a whole lot more value from connecting with others.