Hit play and scroll …

I enjoyed this web page for its simple prompt of, “Hit play and scroll…” — it was introduced to me by Scott Evans at Automattic.

It reminded me of how we browse pages in silence, or with an unrelated soundtrack. But if each web page had its own deejay, the web world might feel a bit different. And what a simple idea! Just add a music player and make a super loooooooooooooong page. 

It reminded me of when the late Bill Moggridge would give presentations off of his iBook, he’d spin up iTunes and deejay his PowerPoints. It was a practice that I’d never seen before — and I haven’t seen anyone else do it since. It made his PowerPoint pages much more lively, warm, and human.

Bill was one of the “co-inventors” of the Design Thinking movement, and also the first laptop computer design. I think he deserves a super loooooooooooooong page himself. 

Hit play and scroll…

“If there’s a simple, easy design principle that binds everything together, it’s probably about starting with the people.” —Bill Moggridge (1943-2012)

From his open source book for MIT Press, Designing Interactions.