Mind the b(older) eyeballs

Working on a remote design team means you’re eyeballs are staring at the screen a lot. Given that inclusive design has been a passion of mine since my 30s (I didn’t know what it was called), I’ve been lucky to be aware that I was going to get older some day. Or, instead let’s use the word we use at Automattic of “getting bolder.”

Here’s the problem:

  • By 2050 half the world will be nearsighted. That means that we’ll get worse at seeing things far away — experts think it’s because of our indoors-y-ness and also our smartphone-screen-y-ness that will make this happen. 
  • The older you get, the more your night vision tanks. And also it gets harder for you to see things close to you due to the common onset of presbyopia. Waitasecond. Did you catch that? You can’t see in the dark and you can’t see up close.

So … that means the older you get you won’t be able to see far, and you won’t be able to see close either. And you can’t see as well in the dark, too.

After heading down this rabbit hole I found a research paper on the topic of presbyopia that led me to an obscure app I haven’t heard of that’s been around for a while. Of course I signed up for a 1-month subscription, and I look forward to telling you how it goes! –JM