August 2018 newsletter is out

I’m not big into popups so if you’d like to signup to my newletter, there’s the link to do so. What’s in it? It generally has four pieces:

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The one from April 2018 reads as follows:

April++ 2018

Hi there,

This newsletter will always be plaintext and < 2018 characters and will only contain at most two links: the unsubscribe button and one special link.

MailChimp feels a bit pricey each month, but it's a good little 'ouch' to force me to send out a message (smile). My last e-mail was sent from SXSW before the 2018 Design in Tech Report went out -- that seems so long ago now. Phew!

Three Things That I'm Thinking About Design In Tech

* Most folks in the US now own some mobile device and it is 13th place in average mobile data use globally.

* China continues to lead in designing experiences at a scale and level of sophistication that astounds.

* We’re in a golden age of data visualization and quant-qual social science tools -- for those who seek to understand.

Two Unsolicited Non-Tech Products That I <3

* 3M Bumpon dots are the perfect way to subtly turn your sleek modern gadgets into ones that don't fall off of the table. 

* Black Panther is my 82-year old mother's favorite Marvel movie -- she rates it *way* higher than the recent Avengers film.

One Special Link

* After I shipped the 2018 report, Takram in Japan/UK fixed all my bugs and it's now Open Source on GitHub via @johnmaeda and can be run from here: 

One Final Point

88% of designers I surveyed globally for the 2018 Design in Tech Report believe that it will be at least 5 years until visual designers start to be replaced by AI. I believe it will be sooner.

So if this kind of email fits your style, please sign up here. Cheers! —JM